About K2 Tailors

About K2 Tailors

K2Tailors is a tailoring brand that has been established for the last 20+ years, our main advantage from other competitors is that our company welcomes international customers and are able to communicate in Japanese, English, Thai, and Urdu. All of the suit, coat, shirt, pants & more are 100% custom-made by a tailor in the factory and measured accordingly to match the customer’s wish. We use various kinds of cloth materials supplied from different countries in order to make an excellent outfit for the customers depending on what they order and which material will feel and look good on them. We guarantee you a satisfactory service and product result due to our long experience in this industry.

Our Background

Abid Hussain is the founder of the company brand K2Tailors. Abid used to work in Hilton Hotel, behind the Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan as a chef and lived in Japan for few years. As a Pakistani he lived there, learned the Japanese language and understood the Japanese Culture. The journey started when he came to Thailand (this wasn’t his first time visiting this country) from Japan after leaving his chef job in Hilton Hotel, Tokyo.

When Abid came to Thailand, he worked in many places as well as in the movie industry. His first interest in tailor business rose when he worked in a tailor shop as a salesman. This is where where he really preformed astonishingly and as well as surprised the owner of the shop with the amount of sales and profit he made just simply working as a salesman. Abid then, understood the potential of tailoring business for the past working years and grabbed the opportunity to learn about tailor & fashion.

After working for around 2 years in the tailor shop, Abid learned how to measure, deal with customers, label cloths, and price shirt, pants, suit, coat and more as well as understanding the base of formal fashion and tailoring. Finally, Abid decided to leave the job and decided to start his own business. This is when K2Tailors brand was created, where K2 symbolizes one of the tallest mountains in the world which is located in Pakistan and Tailors symbolizes the business. As Abid had a background experience of Japanese culture, he decided to target mostly Japanese customers with an advantage if Japanese language. From then, K2Tailors boosted in the tailoring market and many customers and company owners of Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Toyota & more preferred to get their suit tailored from K2Tailors in Bangkok, Thailand. As K2Tailors grew, Abid also opened another branch named as Ginza Fashion which did not run as well as K2Tailors but Abid built a strong image for Ginza Fashion using the name of K2Tailors.

Our Services

We provide a high quality service for our customers and make 100% custom-made outfit for our customers. We tailor everything for our customer and according to our customer’s wish. Some examples include:

  • Shirt; formal, checks, square, etc.
  • Pant: formal, suit pants, short-golf pants, etc.
  • Coat: Winter coat, casual coat, short coat, etc.
  • Suit: Formal suit, casual suit, Winter suit, etc.
  • & more!
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